Inheritance Law

Introduction to the succession right is a difficult task, demanding a wise approach.

Succession lawyer will help you solve all questions concerning inheritance. Apart from giving a legal advice, succession lawyer will be able to help You during all procedure steps, starting with the notarial execution of inheritance documents and following with the trial.

Pravoviy vymir Association of lawyers offers you services of a succession lawyer, who will be continuously assisting you in the process of inheritance and succession documents execution. Our lawyers are well experienced in specifications of succession notarial documentation. 

If you execute the documents incorrectly, our lawyers will immediately notice it and will not let any problems happen in the process of inheritance trial procedure.

Our succession lawyers will be able to give you a legal advice, make a legal estimation of the current situation or a dispute, and explain the legislation norms to the client. As well, they can evaluate your chances to succeed in the court, foresee possible outcomes of the situation, help understand what client should do next, and represent client’s interests in the court.

Succession lawyer can advise you on the documents, needed to execute the inheritance; on the process of obtaining inheritance rights; on the cost of inheritance execution; on how to solve the dispute and how much valuable the inheritance object is. 

Most often people address a succession lawyer in case of unexpected circumstances or if the situation went out of control. Such situations often happen to successors who did not manage to divide the inheritance.

What is the difference between the services provided by a succession lawyer and those provided by a notary? A notary assists the client only at the stage of notarial succession documents execution, and a succession lawyer will assist you with all steps of inheritance.

At the stage of notarial execution of succession documents, succession lawyer will consult you on specific details, and will be able to dispute the notarial actions if needed, execute the documents correctly etc.

In the process of trial, a succession lawyer will define a good strategy for you; prepare claims to the court, petitions, feedbacks and complaints, appeals against the court decision.

As well, our succession lawyers will help you: execute succession documents, obtain the inheritance rights according to the will; appeal against the inheritance obtainment; obtain the inheritance rights according to the will etc.