Pravoviy vymir Association of lawyers is a legal company that unites highly experienced and qualified lawyers.

We offer professional legal aid in different law fields. Our team follows tree rules in its work: quality, meeting deadlines and results.

Our company is aimed at satisfying clients’ interests in the first place, while following the acknowledged international standards in jurisprudence.

Every client is guaranteed a complete privacy of information and unique approach in solving his problem.  

One of our company’s advantages is the accessibility of services. Our LAWYERS lead cases in Cherkassy and Cherkassy region.

Pravoviy vymir Association of lawyers – is a team of lawyers with many years of successful hands-on experience in many law fields, assisting businesses and private individuals. We are constantly improving our skills and aptitudes while through attending courses, seminars and conferences.

With our perfect knowledge of the Ukrainian legislation system, deep understanding of the Ukrainian business environment, impeccable professional reputation, following the high international standards of legal support, we were able to gain recognition from our colleagues and loyalty from our customers. 

Client’s interests are above all – is our company’s creed! Trust between us and our customers, confidentiality, professionalism and endless search for the advanced legal tools and technologies, creative ways to solve the client’s problem – are the evidence of our efficient cooperation with Clients, which let us meet their expectations in finding answers to their legal and economical questions and to achieve the pre-established aims of our cooperation.

Subscription service

How often do you need a legal aid? Have no desire to deal with the legal questions you are not educated in? Do you want to spend your time only on the development of your own business? Do you want to make sure that all is good with the valuable papers?

Administrative practice

Every person has a right to go to the administrative court for renewal of the rights illegally taken from you by the authorized bodies.Administrative disputes include sues where one of the parties is an authorized body subject. Nobody can avoid communicating with the authorized bodies, regardless if it is a legal person or a legal entity.

Antitrust Law

In regulation with the statue 42 of the Ukrainian Constitution monopoly abuse on the market, the law prohibits illegal limitation of the competitors and unfair competitiveness. The prohibition involves activities aimed at interfering, limitation or liquidation of competitiveness, regardless of its types.


The process of carrying out the procedure of restoring the solvency of the debtor or declaring him bankrupt indicate that both the debtor and his creditors should get some professional legal assistance.

Dispute Resolution

In case of violation of rights and disputes between the contractors, the Pravoviy vymir Legal association consults on the ways of settling disputes in the pre-trial order, represents its clients' interests in the courts of general and special jurisdiction at all stages of litigation, in particular

Intellectual property

Our intellectual property professionals provide assistance with copyright and related rights, trademark rights, trade names, inventions and industrial designs. We help our customers with intellectual property rights registration

Corporate law

Corporate rights are rights of the person having his/her share in the charter fund (property) of economic organization including authority to participate in management of economic organization

Criminal law

A criminal lawyer is a specialist in the field of criminal law and procedure who holds a license to practice law, provides legal services to citizens and provides criminal defense in criminal cases in Ukraine.

Licenses, permissions, certificates

Many businesses have encountered a lot of difficulties of bureaucratic character when obtaining, changing licenses, as well as getting addenda to licenses to carry out some form of activity.

Tax law

Entrepreneurship in Ukraine is controlled by state bodies, especially by tax authorities (bodies of revenues and duties), which also control the payment of taxes by all business entities, regardless of their organizational and legal form

Real estate, construction and land

One of the priority practices of Pravoviy vymir Legal association is assistance with projects in the field of real estate, construction and land matters.

Representation in the courts

Pravoviy vymir Association of lawyers is honored to offer you a complex legal assistance in protecting your rights and legitimate interests in the courts in administrative proceedings, civil and commercial litigation

Family law

The Pravoviy vymir Association of lawyers offers a wide variety of services on family law and inheritance.

Inheritance Law

Introduction to the succession right is a difficult task, demanding a wise approach. Succession lawyer will help you solve all questions concerning inheritance.

Labor law

Specialists of Pravoviy vymir have a considerable experience in the provision of legal services on various issues of Labor law.

We are ready to cooperate and provide you with qualified legal services regarding any issue you may have.

We value the future productive and mutual cooperation between our companies.