Subscriber legal services

Pravoviy vymir  Association of lawyers offers you a complex legal aid for your business, which implies providing a full legal assistance of your current enterprise activities, as well as giving an optimal in-time solution for all your problems and questions that an enterprise might have while it leads its economical life.

Customer legal services are provided for your business according to the terms of the contract, which most fully and correctly protects your interests while you are working with us. 

If you conclude a contract for custom legal services with us, you will get a modern legal services of a high quality, costing not more than an average legal assistant’s salary. Additionally, the business activities you have will not be served by only one consultant, but by a team of lawyers specializing in different law fields, working at our company, and also by outstaff specialists (if needed). Moreover, you will not have to provide a working place for an outstaff lawyer, concluding an employment contract with him, making certain money transfers to the budget and etc.

You are able to choose the most advantageous and useful service package for yourself among the existing customer legal service packages.

“Business” package

This package of the Pravoviy vymir Association of lawyers includes the following:

1.     Consultancy on economic activities.

2.     Preparation of law-related conclusions regarding any questions.

3.     Project preparation of contracts and agreements related to the economic activity of your enterprise.

4.     Project preparation of all your internal valuable papers (decrees, orders, different provisions and etc), necessary for your company’s activities.

5.     Project preparation of documents related with employment jural relationships on the enterprise (employment contracts and agreements, rules of internal work regulation, collective agreements etc.)

“Partner” package

Additionally to the services provided in “Business” package, includes the following:

1.     Participation in negotiations related to concluding, executing and breaking contracts and agreements.

2.     Research of the most optimal way to solve an employment dispute.

3.     Representation of the company’s interests in the contact with governmental power bodies and local power bodies, taxations and other controlling bodies in the process of economic activities as well as during the audits.

4.     Project preparation of procedural documents (claims, lawsuits, withdrawals, petitions etc).

5.      Representation of the company’s interests at any courts and of any jurisdiction.

6.     Legal support with any valuable papers operations, real estate and other assets.

Depending on the client’s needs, the cost of legal customer services can be re-considered individually.

We are sure that our experience and expertise will help you avoid any issues and misunderstandings in the field of law.

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