Administrative practice

Every person has a right to go to the administrative court for renewal of the rights illegally taken from you by the authorized bodies.

Administrative disputes include sues where one of the parties is an authorized body subject.

Nobody can avoid communicating with the authorized bodies, regardless if it is a legal person or a legal entity. Communication with governors obligatory implies endless paper and bureaucratic procedures, inequality, facing complicated hierarchy of authorized people, means of applying administrative fines and continuous disputes.

To solve such disputes one needs an ADMINISTRATIVE LAWYER.

Most often, administrative affairs which usually happen to people, are administrative offences, related to car driving. Such offences driving under the influence, exceeding the speed limit, entering the oncoming lane etc.

Administrative affairs lawyer will be able to arrive upon the accident spot, come across the details of the affair and give you a full complex of legal services to protect your interests.

Administrative affairs that often happen to legal personas are administrative disputes with the taxing and customs bodies.

To address such issues correctly you need not only to be competent in jurisprudence, but also you need to have experience in communicating with authorized bodies.

Pravoviy vymir Association of lawyers offers the experienced lawyer’s services in administrative affairs, who will be able to provide you with a professional protection of your rights and interests in course of the existing dispute, do all the required procedural activities and assures the quick result.


Administrative lawyer services include: