Corporate law

Corporate rights are rights of the person having his/her share in the charter fund (property) of economic organization including authority to participate in management of economic organization, receipt of certain part of profit (dividends) of this organization and assets in case of its liquidation pursuant to the law, and other authority provisioned by the law and statutory documents (Pursuant to the Chapter 1. Art. 167 of Economic Code of Ukraine)

Pursuant to Clause 1.8 of the Law of Ukraine "On Corporate Income Taxation", corporate rights are the ownership rights of a statutory fund (capital) of a legal entity or a portion thereof (share), including rights to manage, obtain a corresponding share of the profit of such legal entity, and assets in the case of its liquidation pursuant to the applicable law, regardless of whether such a legal entity is established in the form of a business company, an enterprise based on the property of one legal or natural person, or in other organizational and legal rights forms.

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