Tax law

Entrepreneurship in Ukraine is controlled by state bodies, especially by tax authorities (bodies of revenues and duties), which also control the payment of taxes by all business entities, regardless of their organizational and legal form.

The legislation of Ukraine established rules and mechanisms of taxation, which must be monitored by the executive bodies. An entrepreneur can either participate in the field of law relations independently or entrust the provision of his interests to the TAX ATTORNEY.

Each enterprise has a person responsible for the preparation of tax reports and their submission to the relevant authorized body. Tax controversy attorney assists in the situation when an error occurred while preparing the tax report by the responsible person. In such a case, a legal advice of a tax lawyer cannot save the situation, but the tax attorney is able to mitigate the liability.

The tax authorities find various violations that lead to penalties. But you can also be fined for non-existent violations and a tax attorney hired for your defense can prove your innocence.

Tax lawyer is able to challenge the illegal decision or action of the tax authorities in a way that is most relevant to your situation.

Tax evasion, especially a large one, can be a subject of criminal law and an accused will then need a criminal tax attorney’s help. Under the law, an ordinary lawyer cannot be a defender in such a criminal trial.

Pravoviy vymir Legal association offers the assistance of a tax lawyer who can quickly and effectively resolve your tax disputes.