Criminal law

A criminal lawyer is a specialist in the field of criminal law and procedure who holds a license to practice law, provides legal services to citizens and provides criminal defense in criminal cases in Ukraine.

A criminal lawyer should know the general and special part of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and have a considerable experience gained during personal involvement in all pre-trial and judicial proceeding stages of criminal proceedings.

A criminal lawyer has to be psychologically resilient to various stressful situations and, what's more important, be comprehensively developed with a clear understanding of the related areas of criminal law.

When choosing a lawyer in criminal cases, you need to take it consciously. Don't be shy to ask your lawyer about the experience and the cases he / she was dealing with, as the results of a lawyer's will effect your future or the future of your close people. It is also very important not to waste time. Often, a criminal case is developing for several days or weeks and the investigator has already undertaken a series of procedural steps when the client suddenly becomes aware of a case seriousness and finally turns to a criminal lawyer. This scenario is unwanted. Therefore, you need to contact a criminal lawyer in time.

Specialists of the Pravoviy vymir  Association of lawyers have a great experience in protecting clients' interests in the process of criminal prosecution (pre-trial and judicial) and know the specifics of criminal law and trial.

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