Dispute Resolution

In case of violation of rights and disputes between the contractors, the Pravoviy vymir Legal association   consults on the ways of settling disputes in the pre-trial order, represents its clients' interests in the courts of general and special jurisdiction at all stages of litigation, in particular:

·      Provision of oral and written consultations on controversial issues;

·      Determination of possible options for the settlement of disputes in the pre-trial order, implementation of legal expertise of documents and making claims, preparation of settlement agreement;

·      Appeal against rulings on administrative liability;

·      Preparation of the statement of claim and other procedural documents that are necessary during the court hearing;

·      Protection of the Defendant's interests;

·      Participation in disposal of legal proceeding by courts of all jurisdictions;

·      Appeal against court decisions on appeal and cassation procedure;

Representing client's interests at the stage of execution of a judgement.